About Sivius

Sivius was created in 2016 on the core principle that clients should get long lasting quality solutions. We went against the norm by building customized technology strategies that helped our clients stay ahead of the competition. Today, Sivius has taken that strategy and aligned its vision in Technology & Cannabis. The legalization of cannabis is a game changer and we are committed to being at the forefront of that industry

We are problem solvers and champions that have helped small to medium size business succeed all the while advocating for medical patients' rights to access of cannabis. Sivius comprises of those who act upon emerging technologies, navigate the world of politics and policy and have a green thumb for biology and horticulture. 

We are not only experts in our field; we are apart of the community and culture. We are focused on growth but more importantly staying true to our roots. Innovating with purpose, broadcasting our passion and maintaining our integrity are our core values.

We are passionate about what we do and our depth of knowledge is invaluable. We make great partners and unique and creative individuals. Our company culture is to build a community that is one of its kind - an ecosystem that doesn't rest entirely on a few, but the collective. 

Our Belief

We believe that a powerful vision with the willingness to take advantage of emerging technology could revolutionize the industry. This is the belief we carry when consulting for out clients and building our brands.

Our insane commitment to do the right thing for our clients, and to help our people get better at what they do every single day, keeps us moving forward.

Our People

Founder - Grad Murray. Graduated with a Political Science and business degree from York University. He has helped integrate industry leading technology for small businesses in the retail industry. For the past 5 years he helped start, design, launch and manage several storefronts in Toronto, London & Guelph. In growing  industries such as Nutrition & Wellness and Cannabis. 

In the last 2 years he has been fully involved in the Cannabis industry including activities such as: storefront management, activism, documentaries and media related panels and discussions. He has been featured in CBC’s 5th Estate and Vice Media. 

On the business side he has successfully managed a high paced, environment and has boosted daily sales exponentially. He has also acquired an ACMPR growers licence to grow and harvest cannabis plants and has been an advocate for medical patients. He has also worked with high profile cannabis lawyers in maintaining one of Toronto’s largest single dispensary raid in its history.

Now based in Edmonton he helps turn licensed storefront shops into community leaders.

President - Bruna Murray. Bachelor in Linguistics and Literature from the Federal University of Santa Catarina, came to Canada in 2015 to focus on academics.

In Toronto, she majored in Business Management and International Business Management. In 2016, she started her career in cannabis as the manager of  one of Ontario's busiest stores. In the medical sector, she took a role as the administrative assistant at Apollo Clinics, a renowned clinic specialized in prescribing cannabis for medicinal purposes

Since 2018, Bruna has been working full time on cannabis cultivation and has been granted a ACMPR licence to grow up to 30 plants.